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Who are we?


As Europe’s freshest Arts & Entertainment-focused Digital Marketing and PR (kind-of) agency, our clients prefer to see us as their friend-at-hand and trustee in maximising their online presence and business growth through smart marketing and PR. From artists to event venues and entrepreneurs, we are always ready to jump in and help our clients get famous! 

We strongly believe effective marketing is the path to thriving and living passionately from your passion, and we are on a mission to helping artists and entrepreneurs skyrocket their success by tapping into the power of Integrated Marketing Communications.

Why are we here?

We are here because we are strong believers in the advantages of the new digital age and effective marketing & PR, and we put our heart into helping artists and companies be the “stars” they dreamed to become from the very start. We have been there ourselves and we have learned. then applied everything we do now for you. We have met and seen numerous artists and companies having amazing ideas and great potential, yet having difficulty in executing on effective branding and marketing strategy, for a powerful positioning. We could see a lack of help in this direction available, so we made it our mission!

We are located in London, UK, in order to be always in the centre of new marketing trends generation and up-to-date with all opportunities that might arise for helping you out. This also allows us to be very well connected to Europe and the rest of the world, which comes very handy for our existent and emerging international partnerships. Though a small team now, we are activating in more European countries as well as UK and are planning to expand to South Africa, USA, Canada and Australia very soon – so distance will not be a problem, feel free to write us and let us know how we can help.

What do we do?

We help artists, labels, event venues and entrepreneurs thrive and grow their brand presence by mastering and integrating new online marketing tools. From branding to publicity, earned media and social media campaigns, you will find in us a trustful and very responsive partner. We are working closely in offering training and consultancy for designing the best bespoke campaigns, understanding where your brand is positioned at a certain moment and the goals / direction due to be pursued. We will also identify together the best partners you can work with and share with you the secrets of managing your campaigns efficiently so you can have control and understanding over the process.

Depending on your business needs and intentions, we are more than happy to fully manage your campaigns, but will  equally be excited to show you how you can understand the online medium and coordinate them once established, having us as a help in optimising, evaluating and maximising results.

Do you think we could help? Drop us a line and let us know more about it – we’ll come back to you shortly and plan together how to Market-You best.


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The Marketiu blog is being run by Andrei Tiu, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing enthusiast and Professional Guitarist with over eight years of activity in the Entertainment industry, internationally.

“I am a big believer in following dreams, contributing to the lives of and helping passionate people. I’ve been called crazy a thousand times – but as Will Smith says – in order to have an unrealistic life, you have to have unrealistic dreams. If you feel the same, jump on board – We’re on an adventure here and the wind is blowing from behind” – Andrei